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Last year I launched a project to redesign our backyard.  We built a pergola and afterwards, I planted grapes on the corner posts as I documented in this blog post.  About fourteen months later I think it’s time for some grape updates.

Here’s how things looked when we last left you:

Baby Grape Pic

And here’s where we are today:

Grape Updates II


Grape Update


No grapes to date, but maybe next year!

We’ve moved the currants from the back fence and used them as a shield from the walk by traffic.  Ian cut out the sod and laid some beautiful stones, to which we’ve added some creeping thyme.  We’ve also added three smallish trees that provide wonderful perches for our resident bird populations.  We’ve had a very dry summer here, so our hanging baskets have suffered a bit.

So how about you?  Any summer backyard projects?

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