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Just a reminder that Friday October 31st, 2014 is the last day to download our garden design app for free! We are also heading into our final week of our Garden Sketch App #DesignThis Garden Design Contest, but before we do we thought we should highlight a couple great entries from our themed garden challenge!  Now we want travel inspired, butterfly and zen gardens with tire swings!

Which is your favourite of the two entries below?


Garden Sketch Contest Entry, Theme Challenge

Design A


Garden Sketch Contest Entry, Theme Challenge

Design B


As a reminder, #DesignThis is a weekly Garden Sketch App Contest that will be hosted here, and on facebook and twitter, weekly until November 3rd, 2014!

The contest is quite simple.  Each week, we shall post a different garden design challenge here, and on facebook and twitter, and we challenge you to create a garden design of your dreams while including that week’s challenge in the garden design, using the Garden Sketch iPad App. Challenges might be things like including a water feature, rockery, or themed area in your garden. For the purposes of this contest, the Garden Sketch App is free in the iTunes store until October 31st, 2014.

We will be accepting new entries this week, until midnight PST on Monday, at which point our esteemed judges will select a winner (or we will go to one of our various gardening communities to help us pick out a winner). Weekly winners will be announced on Tuesday evening.

To enter:

  • Download the Garden Sketch App to your iPad for free;
  • Use Garden Sketch to create a design for a dream garden including  the week’s challenge element;
  • When you are done designing, select ‘Share’ and email yourself a .png of your dream garden;
  • Then share your Garden Sketch dream garden .png with us by posting it on our facebook page with the #DesignThis hashtag on your entry description, on twitter by including @GardenSketchApp and #DesignThis in your tweet, or by sharing a link to the image in the contest post comments; and
  • Check back on Tuesday evening to see if you won!

To make entering easier, we’ve written a sample tweet below, that you could use to enter:

#BeddingDown with the @GardenSketchApp ~ URL to image. I showed you mine, now show me yours! #DesignThis

For various tips and tricks to creating a Garden Sketch, check out our Garden Sketch Tutorial, by clicking on this link.

So what will the weekly prize for the winners be?  $50 (Canadian) gift certificate to a local-to-you garden centre (or in lieu of that, to an online seed catalogue or garden centre).

To ward off the All Hallow’s Eve nightmares this week’s #DesignThis Contest Challenge is to simply share your dream garden in the Garden Sketch garden design that you create.

Happy Garden Sketching!  We look forward to your entries!  Remember to submit them by midnight on Monday November 3rd, 2014 and to download the app for free by Friday October 31st!